Can my rig max out Battlefield 3?

The specs of rig are the following

*Core i7 930 @2.8 GHz
*6GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM (tri channel)
*MSI Big Bang Xpower X58 motherboard
*X2 Radeon HD 5870's in CF (1GB each)
*Corsair TX850 850W PSU
*Hitachi 2TB 7200RPM HDD
*Creative SB "fatality" X-Fi sound card
*27" 1920x1080 resolution monitor

I can max out Battlefield Bad Company 2 (including 8x AA) and still get ~100 fps. I'm not sure how much more demanding battlefield 3's "frostbite 2.0" engine will be compared to BC2's frostbite 1.5

I can also play Crysis (still PC hardware's ultimate nemesis) on very high/1920x1080 and get a playable 30-50 fps. So I shouldn't have a problem maxing out Battlefield 3?
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  1. they haven't released the system requirements so any answer will be a guess.
  2. Most likely it will be able to run the game maxed out. Since it too is going to be released for consoles. But since the minimum or recommended requirements aren't out, you can't actually tell.
    But till then, let's just enjoy the videos.
  3. You will not be able to max out BF3. You need to upgrade...
  4. guess what, the game isnt out yet, and dont listen to the system req that games regularly list, also nobody knows what system will do what bc like I stated, game isnt out
  5. Can you max out BF3? Probably.

    Will you get 100FPS? Probably not.
  6. jaguarskx said:
    Can you max out BF3? Probably.

    Will you get 100FPS? Probably not.

    Because of the new frostbite 3.0's eyegasmic graphical facelift, it might run about 20-30fps slower than the BFBC2 frostbite 1.5 engine on max settings (on top-notch gaming rigs) but still very playable.

    Crysis and Crysis Warhead are still the ultimate nemesis of PC hardware, and if I can play it on it's highest settings (with the exception of AA) and get playable framerates, then BF3 shouldn't be a problem.
  7. well il be adding another 5870 in about 2 months and i doubt i will be able to max it out and keep it at 60 fps. yes its coming out on console but the pc is the lead platform which means it could potentially have a lot higher specification on recommended not minimum. honestly i will be disappointed if i can max it out at 30 fps on a single 5870
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