Hi, having probs with puter. I was running 98 for ages, no problems, then it started crashing all the time (locking up), and I was trying to burn files from HD to dvd and it kept failing because the source was too slow? So i formatted and reinstalled, still kept crashing. I went to pcpitstop, ran tests and it said HD was slow. so I bought a new one, installed ME, and it crashes too. It seems to be the way it starts up? sometimes it starts up normally, and then the next time it's like it's doing everything underwater, really slowly. And i ctr alt del at these times and it says that msgsrv32 is not responding and i can have up to 3 rundll32's going at the same time.. Also sometimes it askes me for a networking password on start up, and sometimes not. I've reinstalled windows twice and it still does it, and all the updates. It's a P4 2.8 80gig HD, 512meg Can someone please help :)
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  1. Sorry if this is a stupid suggestion or question, but did you remember to reinstall the mobo/chipset drivers after reformating?

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  2. Why would you go to ME from 98SE?

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  3. Exactly.

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  4. All the drivers have been reinstalled, and I put Me on because 98 was crashing anyway, and my other half gives me a hard time about being old fashioned with my computer. I know the difference is minimal between them, I just tried it because 98 was giving me no joy either.
  5. The point is, ME is worse than 98SE when it comes to crashes, etc.

    I would suggest running Memtest and checking to see if your RAM is ok.

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  6. It sounds like something is dying, I'd guess either your motherboard has failing capacitors or your power supply is dying. But first things first, whens the last time you cleaned the dust out of the thing?

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  7. Probably never.

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  8. I've got ME running stable now at last by closing just about all unrequired processors, some I've left on, but could be closed if wanted.

    An example of closed are, PC Health, SSDPSRV, STATEMGR(sys restore which is useless anyway) C-Media Mixer and others that instal with applications. A lot of these processes were "Tacked On" by Microsoft from 98 without ironing out flaws, which were rectified with XP - complete new design.

    As well as no more crashes, resources have increased and games run smooth.

    I got ME for free so why not use it as PC is not connected to the internet and is used for gaming only, but I've noticed that some new games do not support ME so it's time is limited.

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