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I recently got a corsair ssd for my m11x R1. I installed a fresh copy of win7 and loaded up all the drivers, thinking everything was fine. It never had blue screens before i put the ssd in, but after i loaded all my drivers in, i started downloading some steam games and went to sleep. I woke up in the morning to it having had blue screened. I had finished all the downloads so it wasn't directly from the downloads. Now as the title implies, every time it wakes from sleep it crashes. At first i would wake it it would sometime not have the screen come up, sometimes the screen would come up and i could start to enter my password before it would crash. After uninstalling and reinstalling my graphics and wireless driver, i can now get it to wake and enter my password and get into the desktop, but explorer seems to not come back from sleep, the icons are all white pages, like they aren't loading, and it eventually crashes out. I've tried reinstalling my my graphics, wireless, and audio drivers. I did have some issues with reinstalling the graphics driver but it did come back up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks
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  1. make sure you do not have hybrid sleep checked
  2. hybrid sleep isnt showing up an an option unfortunately, unless i am missing somthing.
    since i wont be losing to much time, im just gonna reinstall and install one driver at a time until i get the problem to come back, or resolve, either way i give up lol
  3. after much digging i have found it is a well known problem with sanddisk controllers on the lastest ssds such as the corsair force and the vertex 2 series ssds. From my understanding there is supposed to be a firmware coming out at the end of september that will fix this well known issue, thats what that is. From what i was understanding, there is a problem with the ssd retrieves the information from sleep and puts it back into the ram.
  4. I would like to also add this has been an issue since Vista. I don't use any power saving features for windows 7 myself. Set it to high performance and see if the issue continues.
  5. I had the same problem when I first got 7. Never resolved it though, I upgraded to a 64 bit version in June and gave my old hard drive to my sister, she re-installed 7 and neither of us have had any problems since.
  6. Guys, sorry to drag up an old thread but I could do with knowing whether any resolution was found to this?

    I have the same problem.. Windows 7 boots/runs fine, but then coming out of sleep it hangs for about 10 seconds then gives me the BSOD.

    I get a STOP message: STOP: 0x000000F4 I believe indicating a hard drive issue.

    I'm using a Corsair F60 SSD.

    Does anyone know if this is a common problem with SSDs or is it just me?

    Does anyone know if there's a fix yet?
  7. Ok.. just an update in case this is useful to anyone else having the same problem as my previous post.

    This is entirely a hardware issue, nothing to do with Windows 7.
    You will either need to update the firmware on your SSD or the drivers/firmware on your motherboard.

    In my case it was the motherboard (Asus P8P67).. I needed to (re?)install the "Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver" which came on the CD provided. (I note that both the Consair and Asus sites provided great download/driver support).

    Anyway now wakes from sleep just as it should.

    Hope that helps someone else!

  8. Can you give a detailed description of everything you did and all system specs please. I have the same mobo, installed RST and my Corsair SSD still goes wacko
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