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I want to know how to aim my sniper at a sprinting infantry target in Frontlines Fuel of War. I get the impression that i have to aim the sniper slightly to the side of the target to the intended direction it is running to. However i have been having dificulty hitting my target, and need to find the correct way to aim to hit sprinting targets, are there any tips or methods? I need help with the assault rifle to, i'm guessing that as the target sprints (not normal running) i shoot to the side of the direction it is running in.
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  1. Yes, the game is quite like realistic, so you have to aim a bit left if the target is fleeing left.
  2. have you played the game then? Is this when the target is running directly to a side and not travelling diagonally? Alot of the time i have my croshair on the target's body, and the target is not moving, when i shoot, the shots don't hit. Supposedly the "invisible wall"? is this just lag? but the targets don't get teleported after i have shot. What about if a target is running up some stairs or going down some stairs, do i aim, up or down in that case, and how far left/right/up/down do i aim? I'm finding dificulty with this and getting random kills with the sniper when aiming to the side, and not killing enemies when i should. There aren't any of these problems in COD, but this is certainly an essential replacement for terrible battlefield 2 bullet deviation.
  3. No, I don't have the game nor have I played it, but I have played games that are similar to it, like Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising. All yo have to do is just think one step further. Predict where your AI will go, then take the shot at the predicted position. Most likely your target would get killed.
  4. Also consider aiming slightly above the place you want to hit, a bullet can drop more hight than people expects.
  5. no there's nothing like having to aim higher than the target's head, i tested the shooting; it hits directly where the croshair is aiming, there is no bullet deviation with the sniper, perhaps there is lag time for the bullet to hit the wall though. I've killed enemies in the far distance while aiming at their head when they are running and got the kill, it happens rarely though. I want to know waht distance you need to keep the croshair at exactly when the enemy is sprinting 1. diaganally and 2. from side to side when you want to take a shot. I have analysed i think when the enemy is just running normally and not sprinting you can shoot straight at it and you will hit, however sometimes there is something stopping it, is that lag? or the bullet just disappears, literally. There are quite a few videos i've seen with the sniper shooting at a stationary person and not hitting the target. One time i noticed i was shooting at a target climbing a ladder in the far distance (in oil field) and i hit it four times with the sniper and i saw the puff of blood but no damage was done, till the 3rd and 4th shot.
  6. pick a target in the distance that will show a bullet impact. , take aim and fire then look where the bullet hit. more often than not it will hit under the center of the crosshair if the game has no bulletdrop.
    if it does have it like in BC2 then for every 100 yards you will see a line on the scope and you have to lift the scope that much to get the hit.
    on a moving target you have to for aim and for shoot. same principal. for every 100 yards you move the marker to the next line away from the center.
  7. perhaps you just have to be d*mn lucky lol to hit someone sprinting with a sniper. No the bullet doesn't drop any bit on FFOW, the main problem i have is when the enemy is sprinting diaganally or from side to side and trying to hit it with the sniper. Sometimes i have hit it, most easilly when the target is running side to side, i can keep up with the target when it is sprinting, and i can keep it a little to the left or right, but i don't understand when i shoot there is no hit. That's why i want to understand the correct sniper croshair positioning to shoot at the target when it is sprinting.
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