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I have recently noticed in many games such as CoD:BO, Crysis 1 and 2, RE5 and all valve games, that things such as water and background items seem to stutter while everything else is running smooth. And what I mean by this is that I will be playing the games at a high fps but certain things will stutter in the background or water constantly stutters as it flows or moves. It's sort of hard to explain without showing you guys. Ive tried updating my drivers and trying tons of old ones but nothing works. Also when I start up a game and load into the actual game, it will often start with like 5 fps for a few seconds before going back to normal. Any idea on what it could be?

My specs are:
GTS 250 1gb
AMD Athlon II X 4 630 @ 3.2ghz
700W PSU
300GB Hitachi HD
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  1. Have you checked your GPU temperatures ? GTS 250 isn't all that bad, but still its just a mid-range card. Games like Crysis may stutter, but Crysis 2, RE5 and COD BO ?
    Check the temps.
  2. On what resolution are you playing? GTS250 can handle nicely on 1360 x 768 with decent framerates and without stutter.
  3. the 250 is basicaly a 98gtx+ so your never gonna get great fps in games like crysis. i think my old 88gt just cleared 30 on low to medium with no AA @12/10 rez
    anything higher and it would do as you say. start stuttering and get random fps drops that could last anywhere from half a second to 10 depending on what was going on, on the map.
    so im more inclined to think its not an actual problem with the hardware just your expecting to much from it. turn your settings down to minimum and see if it goes away.
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