EMail links in Outlook 2003 on Windows 7 malfunction


I have scoured the web, and can't seem to find anything that suitably answers this.

I received an email containing a link to a corporation's email address. When I click on it, Firefox opens a new browser (not a tab) that points to my default homepage. It seems to me that it SHOULD open an Outlook mail message box with the link as the addressee. I have tried most of the "standard fixes" to no avail. Anyone else out there got a soultion?
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  1. Go to Microsoft Answers for a solution, there are a couple, so you may need to try more then one.
  2. I tried the solution on that link. It fails to work.

    I have also noticed that Outlook doesn't show up in the list of programs that can have defaults set for it. Go figure.

    I'm going to co dig through the Office 2003 forum, see what I can find...
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