Whats going on with the A7M266?

Just woundering whats going on with the A7M266 motherboard and why Asus stoped making them. Ive been having a harder and harder to find them localy and the price is going way ^.

anyone offer some insight?

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  1. Ddude you can buy them at www.tccomputers.com. No one has stopped manufacturing them as far as I know besides it is not AMD who produces them. It is ASUS, and the board I have been seeing them there for the same price for the last month or so.
  2. OMG i cant believe i wrote AMD i feel like such an idiot. The reason i asked what was going on with them is I went down to my local shop and asked for the A7M266 and they relpyed "we dont carry it anymore" and i asked "why?" they told my that they ASUS had stoped making them. And they prices if ound online have been going up.

    I still cant believe i said AMD when i ment Asus.

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  3. I would look at the A7A266. SDRAM or DDR-SDRAM support. ASUS is banking on it big time. I think this board is the reason why.

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  4. No Problem dude, Anyway I have an ASUS A7M266 board that I bought in www.allstarshop.com a couple of months ago and let me tell you that board rocks!!. 246 of DDR PC2100 memory together with a 1.2Ghz AMD CPU. And I'm happy with it.
  5. allstarshop.com is a good vender i got my 60GB 60GXP there but they dont have the FRIKING A7M!!! ONLY THE A7A!!!! I dont want the sdram dimms all i want it the A7M266 motherboard!!! i think im ordering myself one from someone else tomarrow

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  6. I've looked everywhere for the A7M266 I cant find the darn thing, i found compontentsdirect.com they said they had it so i ordered it and 4 days later they didnt have it to send to me. If you find it tell me!
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