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Has anyone had any luck with HP scanners under Windows ME? The HP tech support was useless and the latest drivers/software downloads did not resolve the issue. The scanner cannot be recognized. I have the 3400Cse on a parallel port (NOT USB).

This scanner worked perfectly under Win98?????!!!!!!
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  1. We had problems with the 3300 and the 3400 with Win ME (blow ME!), we ended up having to get another cd from hp with completely different drivers on it for the scanners, I dont know wether they were available off the net, the ones that people were downloading were, as you say, no good at all,which was marginally more useful than the hp people themselves.
  2. I ran my HP scanner on Win ME and used USB on a K7M motherboard. It ran just fine. May-be you should consider getting a USB port or a USB port expander to run your scanner. Thats probably your easiest fix. That is if you have USB ports but filled to capacity. I think the expander is like 20 bucks or something.

  3. Wow ! Guess HP Scanners have a little problem under ME ?

    I have a ScanJet 4100C USB that worked fine under 98SE, but locks up the OS now under this ME upgrade.

    I also downloaded the ME upgrade from HP site, but has made no difference.. You all have given me an idea to try upgrading the USB drivers.. Will post back if any luck :-)
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