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All right, i made the plunge. I slicked my drive, (fdisked and formatted), and installed windows 2000 fresh. I installed all the latest drivers downloaded from the internet, and installed my most commonly used apps. Everythings going great!! It boots fast, it shuts down fast, no problems at all.

Then one day, i notice it's booting slower, and shutting down slower, and it keeps getting slower and slower. It now takes a full 2 minutes to bootup or shut down. I have only 4 icons in my system tray. I've gone thru services and shutdown everything that i thought was unnecassary for windows 2000 to work and made each one i shutdown a manual startup. I've perused my event viewer and no problems there. I just don't know whats making my system crawl. I have a 1 gighertz system with 256 megs of ram. No problems in device manager either.

does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

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  1. Since you've already turned all the services to manual, there's two other things I do. I let cleansweep 'peruse' my registry and clean out 400+ entries that are right next to worthless on a clean install. I also run xteq xsetup and chuck several of the 'startup' programs like sync manager.

    Other than that, it's a function of ACPI slowing down your system.
  2. You've probably already done this but JIC.... have you scanned for a virus to make sure nothing is hiding? Also, do you have a static connection to the web? If so do you have any programs which you have given access to that could be hanging up when they attempt to attach on start up or when they dis-attach when you close down?

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  3. when did you last defragment your hard drive?

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  4. I do have a static connection to the internet. Nothing that i'm aware of is connecting to the internet. <damn spyware, always trying to attach itself to my system>

    I have also scanned for virus's, no luck there either :(
  5. i defrag once a day, right before i goto bed
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