Upgrading Nvidia GeForce 9100?

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  1. If you could possible bump up the graphics card to a 4670 it'd be a lot better, thats the bare minimum nowadays actually.


    as for the PSU I trust OCZ way more so i'd go for that but 500Watts PSU for a 4650/4670? why You could do fine with a 400 or so?
  2. I'd go for the cosair one for a few reasons

    1. I Trust Corsair Alot more than that noname brand
    2. It's 430 Watt and the other one is only 400Watt
    3. the 12v Rail has 28Amps which is pretty decent.

    Now This Should be fine for both a 4650 or 4670? I'm not the best with PSU's but from my experience i've had a 4670 (the Ice-Q version i showed you) running on a 400Watt PSU and my Friend has a 5550 running on 300 Watts (Thats not good at all but he doesn't care for some reason)

    If your gonna keep upgrading your PC for the future or something Just stick with that OCZ 500 watt PSU and you should be abled to get most cards that arn't Crazy (6870,5970,580gtx,Etc)
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