E3 2011 8th gen game systems

I think the E3 2011 will showcase the start of the 8th gen systems. It's coming close to the end for the wii, xbox 360 and yes the PS3 too. The old 7th gen will still sell for a few more years, but have aged a lot and I think it's about time for gen 8 to start.

I will start with what I think the WII 2 or cafe will do:

1) It will have PS3-xbox 360 like power. ( It could have more, but it's unlikely to be a lot more.)

2) It will have the from factor of a tablet. (Think Zoom, Ipad)

3) It will have a dock for hooking it up to your TV at home. ( It may give it more power as well and/or a disk drive.)

4) $299-399 will likely be it's goal.

I know most will say why #2. I think that the rumors about an LCD on the Input are misleading every one into thinking that they are doing it to the controller when they are really making a tablet like thing. ( I am not a big fan of tablets, but the rumor made me think of a better outcome or one I think would be based on the rumor.)

Now for the Ps4 and yes I think it will show up. (The E3 5 hours long for Sony and it's coming up on the 5th year of the PS3.)

1) I think it will have a HVD drive.

2) I think it will use HDMI V1.4 to do up to 2160P or 4xHD. ( Yes HDMI V1.4 can do that. No real need for v2 yet.)

3) It will be able to do more with PSN. ( They will likely upgrade PSN some and say how sorry they are about getting hacked and all that mess.)

4) It and the PSP2 will likely be able to interface better than the Ps3 and the PSP1 could. ( Think Ps4 player Vs PSP2 player, calling and so on.)

Why I think they will show up with the PS4:

1) They are in last place. ( I like the PS3 the best out of the wii and xbox 360, but I know it's the truth.)

2) They know the WII 2 is in coming, so they know they need to come in fast.

3) They know that in the next 1-2 years most will be sick of the PS3 and go to WII 2 or XBOX next/720. ( They will likely be better than the PS3 and not cost a lot more.)

Now for the Next xbox. I am going to call it the cloud box from now on and if you read on you will see why. What I think it will have:

1) A DVD drive or none at all to save cost for a "unnecessary part of the systems core due to xbox live being its core".

2) Xbox live will be at the core of the system and will be a lot like steam and may even be able to do what onlive does as well. ( No more disk, download only.)

3) Big HDD for downloading lots and lots of games. ( 500GB-1Tb HDD)

4) improved move input with 3D.

Why I think they will show a new xbox? Because they want to be #1 and if the WII2 comes out and it's better than the xbox 360 then they would be in a bad spot. ( A lot want a WII HD more than a xbox 360.)

Thanks all.

Update: Nintendo server hacked: They will likely need to talk about this for 5 min or so at the E3 now. I think MS will use this to push xbox live at the E3. The PSN hack is still the biggest, but may not look as bad as it did before. I think xbox live may get hit soon, but it not likely going to be PSN level hit.

Update2: Comments anyone?

Update3: The PS4 will likely not show up: http://ps3.ign.com/articles/116/1169864p1.html
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  1. Halo 4 for 360 or xbox next? We will see soon. No xbox next and I know they just got 3rd. That was the most crap games I have ever seen in my life.

    Update: I was right about the next WII, now called WII U.
  2. The next wii console being revealed at E3 has been out for several weeks haha. I think we still have 2 years at least before there is a serious move to the next generation of consoles. PS3 was said to have a 10 year life span. I can see things moving if one person puts out a new system (not Wii U... that is more like catching up) as the year lead the Xbox 360 had and even the lead the PS2 had played out favorably, leading to very high market gains.

    It will be interesting to see if who comes out first is going to pull a solid lead again. The PS2 was released after the Dreamcast, but I think the DC was in an awkward place. The rampant piracy also killed it off. Still one of my favorite systems though.
  3. Wow , the E3 summit was really productive this year .
    with the nintendo Wii U : http://www.geekyd.com/nintendo-wii-u-unveils/
    it's so cool .

    did you see the "ninja" clip ?
    I think, although I feel like a teenager saying this - It's one of the coolest ever development in console gaming.
  4. im pretty sure i read that microsoft has stated that the 360 is a ten year system - and slated upgrade by 2015
  5. The PS2 is a ten year system, but the PS3 came out any way. I was hoping for more new systems, but I knew that it was unlikely do to all the "I want 360 forever" and "I don't want to see a PS4 intel 2020" type comments. When the Iphone 5 comes out no one will say "Iphone 5 forever" or "I don't want an Iphone 6 for 10 years". I do not care much for cells phones, but if I had a SGS2 then I would not say "I don't want to see a better phone for 5-10 years". I know the 360 is used up big time, just look at the E3 they had. If you your 360 or in my case the PS3 that is good, but no need to say I don't want them to put out 720/ps4 for a very long time/never just because you don't want a new system and it would make your system look old. If every thing did not have a v2,3,4...esc then we would not have lcds, gas cars(EVs were first), jets, windows, mac anything, GTX 580's, air bags, wii U, no internet over 56k,dvds, cds,
    and the list go's on and on. I like both my PS3 and PC, but I am ok with it going out of date, becuase it's no different than the day I got them.
  6. In a way - I do agree with you - but with today technology we know that everything will changed in less than a year.
    when you consider buying one kind of console - or even simple computer - you'll always think that in few months there's going to be something much cooler .
    look at the ipad and such too .that's why it's really annoying that those things are so pricy.
    also - maybe they should built it in a way that you can just upgrade the consule somehow - so they are just doing that on purpose.

  7. my entire concensus is - Go PC and never look back. Even if a high percentage of games are console ports, PCs will be able to run them much better. The mass effect series for example was a stuttering, slow FR fest on 360 - but will run 60 fps locked on a mid ranged system on PC, and who knows how fast unlocked.
  8. Rumors are that Sony and Microsoft will release their next consoles in 2014.
  9. next gen consoles release has been rumored to be late 2013 to early 2014 before E3
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