My computer wont let my mouse work

Hello, im having problems with my computer. recently my computer seems to not let my mouse work anymore ive tried using every usb ports avialable n nothing happens the lights on my mouses turn on but thats it .. and when i plugg the mouse to my laptop the mouse works perfectly fine... please dont tell me that i have to reinstall or anything of that thing b/c its useless info i need good help.. how can i make my mouse work on my computer.. this just recently happened my computeer was working fine a few days ago.. ive already try'ed to turn of my computer n turn it back on same thing happens..
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  1. mouse specs, computer specs and laptop specs please. Does your desktop have a native USB controller or is a separately installed card?? Does it natively support USB 2.0 or only 1.23?
    what OS are you running? when was the last time you updated your BIOS and chipset drivers?

    More DETAILS please
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