How to get ranked on Battlefield 2

i've played 1 hour at a server as a spec-ops and i go to BFHQ and nothing.PLS can anyone help me.And so every day on a diferent server and again nothing:no ranks,no badges and time played:0.00000.
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  1. When your in the server browser make sure you select and join ranked servers.
  2. i joined only on ranked servers,but it's hapenning all the time, i never get ranked.
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    you will have to wait as much as 24 hours for the site to be updated. often it will be 3-6 hours but best wait 24.
  4. so i have to wait 24 hours then go to BFHQ.
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  6. 24 hours after you sign up. then every 3-6 hours the stats get updated. as far as i remember. you may wanna read the faq on the site if there is 1
  7. nothing, i've do it so:i logged in on my online acount,i go to BFHQ and nothing, i've played 4 hours ago.
  8. i just had a look and i was on there last year. now im not. i guess they may be having a server issue.
  9. ok.
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