SiS just F**K'N <b><A HREF="" target="_new">OWNED</A></b> AMD/VIA current chipset, lil' sis ain't taking no BS!!!

"AMD/ are the weakest link, good bye!"
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  1. If the chipset proves to be stable as well, it will mean more marketshare for AMD (translation: less marketshare for Intel).

    Good news for AMD. More bad news for Intel.

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  2. I think that the good news for <b>AMD users</b>, don't you think?
  3. IF it turns out to be a fast, stable chipset, then you can say that SiS owns VIA. AMD still comes out a winner. But I guess logic like that is a little beyond you, eh?
  4. I was impressed with SiS 735, and in realitiy it may become the best overall DDR Socket A chipset. It does though have to be stable (According the review the Reference Board was more stable than some retail boards). Even though it may not beat a Mature KT266, it still might be the better sloution because it is cheaper to produce (1 Physical Chip Configuration instead of 2). So we'll see.
  5. This could force via to get there act together.

  6. WOW... sweet chipset. I would recommend it and im a intel user. I wish something like that comes out with northwood P4. SiS has prove its self to me.

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  7. Unfortunatly it will not be released until November. By then the via and ali chipsets will be much more mature and its performance advantages probably not so great. It very well may be that SIS has the best product, but a day late and a dollar short.

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  8. >if the chipset proves to be stable as well, it will mean more marketshare for AMD (translation: less marketshare for Intel).

    you think SiS does only AMD?

    here's a <A HREF="" target="_new">link</A> that does not support your statement.

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  9. meltdown you really have to get a life. Stop trying to start flaming post into the motherboard's section.

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  10. no flames intended for this section, I've editited my 2nd post, sooooory! have a nice day, rcf84.

    "AMD/ are the weakest link, good bye!"
  11. Very good. I dont want flame post in any other forum but CPU. Try to contain the THG fire.

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  12. That’s all cool, but have you noticed that KT133A is in the middle between all of those “macho” DDR sets. That is really nice to know, I am not going to “upgrade” until something will give me more than (at least) 10% increase in every single thing from KT133A. But as far as SiS goes, they are doing great favor to themselves by "working hard" to make us happy... hehehe

    Post, we'll do the "search"... :wink:
  13. what does the link mean? that SiS is licenced to make P4 chipsets? So is ALi (no VIA though, thats cool) and both SiS and Ali have made very good chipsets for AMD too, especially the SiS730 and ALiMagik bringing flexibility and lower cost to AMD systems. And so will 735 continue to help AMD strengthen their position, especially in the value market.

    And 735 seems close to positioning Athlon to compete well with the P4. the benchmarks from tom and anand clearly indicate the chipsets helps Athlon perform even better than it performs with its current chipsets - the VIAs and AMDs.

    and that actually pushes Athlon still farther ahead of the P4 in performance.

    Meltdown you should really read the stuff <b><i>and think</i></b> over it carefully what it means before doing such posts.


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  14. Of course it is good news for AMD. Due to the lack of "quality" chipsets, the Athlon is still not running at its full potential. While the KT133 series has matured, it is still not quite as fast as the 815, which is not quite as fast as the older BX chipset.

    So even with the "extra load" of chipsets that drag down the Athlon performance, it has still captured marketshare from Intel. Now, if the SIS chipset enhances the Athlon performance, can't you see how it will help AMD increase marketshare even more?

    Now, even though you edited your post, I will address your rather rude remark. I graduated from College and Graduate School at the top of my class, and have degrees in two very different fields, one being Electrical Engineering.

    What about you? Have you graduated High School? Have you graduated from College? What about Graduate School? Or do you base all of your "skills" from Microsoft Certification?

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  15. LOL he owns u with his MCSE !
  16. But... SiS hasn't had much of a good rep around here with stability since they STARTED making chipsets.

    Back in my computer store days we saw many SiS based boards that all had serious driver and stability issues. Hopefully that's changed?

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  18. I was going to say just that!

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  19. Cool...

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