If your a hardcore gamer what are the harware components which affect your purch

i m wondering...if you are a hardcore gamer what are the hardware components which affect your purchase between an xbox and ps console?
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  1. I don't play console games. The only upper hand that the PS3 has over the Xbox 360 is the built-in Blu Ray player when talking about hardware. If you need/want a Blu Ray player, then PS3 it is.

    If that is not a major concern, then focus on the types of games offered by each system, especially exclusive titles. That should be your primary concern.

    For online gameplay PSN is free while Xbox Live is $60 per year. It appears that even though Live requires an annual subscription, many console gamers prefer Live to PSN. Probably due to more activity and better connections, but that's something you need to research.
  2. this looks like a survey for marketing...

    if you are a hard core gamer you won't win people over with a blueray player. it depends on what games I play the most and the exclusives that each console offers. But in the end, the hard core gamer will have everything: PC, Xbox and PS.
  3. If you're a hardcore gamer you won't be gaming on a console.......
  4. A hardcore gamer games on a PC, but anyhow the components don't really matter unless if it is too slow, as long as you can keep an steady fps above 30 it should be good for hardcore gaming.
  5. Individual hardware components aren't important in consoles, the quality of their games library is.
  6. Hardcore gamers would certainly prefer a good $800+ pc over an xbox or ps3. Gamepads are not the only thing you want while playing games. You cannot get the real feel of fps games unless you play them with a mouse ( + keyboard ).
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