Do i need patch 1.4 and 1.5 to play battlefield 2 online

can anyone help
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  1. you need the latest patch to list and play on the most servers.
  2. is that 1.50 patch???
  3. lists the 1.41 patch but 1.50 is the latest patch. if its an all in 1 patch then yes use it. the 1.41 patch was issued in 2006 and the 1.5 patch introduces vista support. as well as other maps. so its more likley you will need the 1.5 patch.
  4. i will download both.
  5. yep you will have to i just checked and they aren't all in 1 patches. you have to get the 1.4 for certain maps and 1.5 for more maps.
  6. ok i will download both, and then can play on ranked servers and BF won't crash.
  7. lol with luck...
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