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ones up on a time i bought and install resident evil 5 and play the game nicely. unfortunately my system become problem
and format my system.I am using acer laptop with windows 7.Now i install the same game but during the installation after mounting the image the install screen does not appear.After that i open the I drive manually i click the resident evil5.exe, during the installiation it show the error message as data1.arc is damaged or not enough disk space, but i have more disk space. please help me
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  1. check the disc space again
  2. no it wont suit for me,but it show the error message as

    ((Setup was not completed.

    Please correct the problem and run Setup again.

    Decompression failed with error code -1
    Archive Data1.arc is damaged
    or not enough free space.))
  3. maybe is the disc damaged or maybe you instaled the game and not deleted it complete.
  4. right click on the setup.exe and select run as administrator.
    hopefully it will complete the install.
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