Abit KT7A raid - W2k Freeze problems

I have random freezes in w2k, these freezes happen anywhen, event when I just list to MP3.
My CPU temperaturure is around 65degrees
My config:Atlon 1.33Gb, Abit KT7A, SB128, Matrox G450 AGP, HD 40Gb onRaid, CDWritter, DVD, Zip, 512Mb

Many thanks for your help
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  1. 65 sounds quite hot.
    What fan and thermal paste do you use?
    A online store www.datorbutiken.com says that when using kt7a don´t use sb soundcards. When my friend had the same problem in w98se (with sb live) we disabled dma transfers for the hdd and then the trouble stopped.

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  2. I guess it is the correct fan for my processor (I can't remember the model).
    I know the problem with SB live, but in my case it is just a SB128.
    I will try to modify the DMA transfer (but I will lose in performance).

  3. You need to improve the airflow in the box. If you're box do not have an intake fan (usually found lower down and fixed to the front part of the casing), install one. Also if you don't have an exhaust fan (found at the rear of the box and higher up), install this one too. This will help to remove the hot air in the box. If possible install a slot fan next to your graphic card. This will help to remove the hot air caused by the graphic chip not to rise up to the cpu area, thus causing the cpu HF fan to blow hot air to the fins of the HF (reduced effectiveness of cooling).

    Tidy up the ide cables. If you still having troubles, try playing with your ram timing setting or try changing the ram stick.

    Hope this will work.

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  4. You running RAID 0 with 2 drives, or just have 1 drive connected to the Highpoint?
  5. At the moment I'm having ATA100 drive on the ide. I'll use the raid again once I had a pair of it.
  6. Oops - my question about RAID 0 was for the original poster. Sorry about the mistake. But the questions remains.
  7. Mostly it is a sound card you are having problem with. Try to remove it and see what happens. Second one is the NIC (if you have any). But CPU overheat can coase that too. It just stops "calculating" and slowly "dying".

    Post, we'll do the "search"... :wink:
  8. i didn´t only mean the sb live thing. They say that you shouldn´t put a sb128 in a kt7a either.

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  9. been there , done that, i dont know about the previous replies mate...
    Why should you operate on IDE66 ? , you paid for a fast board, you should get one.
    This sounds the same problem i have with my ASUS A7V133, it crashed ALOT, i have done about 25 different attempts at installing and reinstalling drivers / BIOS / OS's etc.
    the first thing to do is pull out every PCI card,then reinstall everything from scratch if it is not too much trouble.
    The sequence you install everything is VERY important.
    Here is what i do (courtesy of another TOMS' poster)
    First ,plug your HDD into the IDE66 plug,
    set bios to boot from the CDROM first.
    Bootup with windows CD.
    create new partitions (to wipe the drive),
    make the new partition for the OS smaller than 8 gig.
    install OS
    install modem
    go to microsoft updates site, download and install 128 bit encryption pack.
    do every download until there are no more updates.
    Install the 4 in 1 drivers, noting that there are now new
    drivers on the ASUS website
    When you install the 4 in 1 drivers , carefully follow the installation guide ,as the RAID driver has precise instructions or it will not install.
    You can then change the HDD over to run off the ATA100 plug.
    install all other PCI devices one at a time, and reboot after each one.

    After doing all this, my system is better, but not perfect.
    I still get problems with my printer hanging, and small crashes , where win2K asks me to debug the corrupted files.
    I also sometimes get corrupted data when doing file transfers, even with the newest 4.31 drivers.
    I think they really need to recall this board.
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