Black ops?

I think I just got the on line part for free. It's Monday now and it still works. I have seen a lot of "free trials" not stop working when they should. Steam is so stupid that it think's I put win 7 on it in 1969. If works form now on then I may forgive steam for the pain they gave me in all of 09.( Empire why did you have to use steam)
Any one do the free to play black ops weekend?
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  1. huh, maybe Steam should have called it the "Black OOPS free trial".... i wanted to try it but i couldnt get to my buddys house to use his internet, my net sux...... BTW, how is it?
  2. It's good and still works. My internet is not the best, but when it works it's fast. It used to quit on me 2-4 times a week, but now is every 1-3 weeks. Playing black ops on GTX 580 is better than PS3. The PC players are not as good as the ones I have to play with on PSN and I have a ping of 40-55 99% of the time. It just went by-bye.
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