Easiest ps3 AND computer together setup

I used to have a ps3 in the living room acting as a HTPC for my home theatre. Now, I want to move the ps3 to my computer room with my gaming computer.

I have radeon 6950 crossfire, so there are 2 hdmi connection available on my PC, my monitor has hdmi connection available as well, but I am using dvi to connect the monitor and pc. Right now, I can use it by simply connecting the ps3 to my monitor but I will only have sound coming from monitor speaker instead of my PC's speaker.

Is there any way to connect the hardware so that I can get audio through PC when using ps3?
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  1. connect ps3 audio to your sound card input?

    you might need to get an adapter of your choice that can split the signal into video and audio.

    or connect the output from your monitor to your sound card
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