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Bassically my issue with with cod2 and the default graphic optimization. When I load the game all the graphic settings are defaulting to low with all AA etc turned off and resolution to 640 x 480 on dx9. I know that all the graphic settings can be changed in the games options, and when I have do this I can have all the settings on max and still get great fps, however is the other commands in the games cfg that is effecting the way i play. I have compared the .cfg files from the game on my laptop and they are considerably different.

Any reasons that this game is defaulting to such low settings.

My computer:
Windows 7 home edition
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  1. ok so i couldnt edit my original post:

    gtx285 1gb
    i7 2600k
    gigabyte z68x-ud4-b3
    corsair vengeance 1600 8gb ram

    If there is anything unclear in my post just ask ill try to explain what i mean better.
  2. affecting how you play? as in you want to remove smoke and the likes?
    i dont recommend it if your playing on a punkbuster or aon enabled server you will get banned
    the reason the configs are different is because the systems are different. your lappy will probably have lower spec gfx so wont have as much in its configfile to turn off or enable, via cvars.
  3. And the reason it sets everything to low is probably because it doesn't have your graphics card in its list of known cards (your card was released MUCH after the latest patch for COD2, how can it know what it really is?)

    Unless of course, you mean, CoD MW2, but in that case you should be clear.
  4. Well the thing is my laptop gives me different command settings to my pc, so whilst my laptop isnt as good, the default settings are much higher and some of the cvars set differently. On the laptop I have no problem aiming etc but the fps is quite low, however on the pc my fps is great but my aim sucks. Never had a problem with my old pc my aim was fine. I have used other peoples configs and its does improve the game play but would prefer to have a better optimization on my pc.
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