Will W-7 improve audio recording from my Realtek audio HD?

windowx xp sp3 gives me line-in issues with my sound recordings...

the audio is too low and it spikes based on whatever else im playing...
sounds like a driver issue with XP, as sp3 doesnt even have proper realtek HD drivers.

what do you think... will I get improved performance from my line-in under windows 7?

or should I spring for a sound card ( like a sound blaster Audigy )

- Kal. :bounce:
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  1. what the hardware you are using, I use Audacity for recording and editing,normalizing, and VLC for playback, of course a good sound card gives the best results, I use Realtek HD on board sound with a USB mic set to DVD quality, sound is OK with Zalman 5.1 headphones
  2. only hardware is

    Realtek HD audio ( onboard sound - from an asus p5q )

    specs are

    2 gigs RAM
    core 2 duo 2.6ghz
    40 gig SSD hard drive...
    8800 gts
    and Windows XP sp3

    Everything should work fine.

    the source audio is a DJ mixer. ( im using a rca to 3.5 headphone plug >> that goes into Line-In )

    i'm debating whether to buy a creative sound blaster xi-fi... don't need the best sound ever, but recording has to be clear and at the right level.
  3. Just bought a new sound card...
    line-in audio source sounds great and plays clearly.

    i think its time to give up on xp

    WINDOWS 7 Pro x64 is a drastic improvement, everything is fixed and sounds great.

    also ( I had the wrong RCA to 3.5mm adapater cable, my version was mono, i switched to a stereo one and sound improved drastically)
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