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hi all,
sorry if this has been posted before.

I wanted to know how i can improve my game loading times. Not just with the loading of the game, starting a multiplayer game for example.

I have a few games where it shows all the players loading times, and quite often my system runs first but other times it dont. I find out the player that has a faster loading time dont always have a better system or near identical.

My specs: Phenom II 965 be
Asus m4a88t-m am3
kingston 1333mhz 2x2gb
gtx460 1gb
corsair tx650
wd blue 7200rpm
liteon odd

Connection : 10mb broadband (cable)

Is it just a certain component that deals mainly with loading times or a mixture ( cpu, memory, hdd )

My system is stock and not looking to overclock, any ideas would be great. I gather all components would contribute to this but which one makes the major difference.

Thanks all
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  1. For single player games loading times are mostly affected by hard drive speed these days, as most other components are much faster than the mechanical hard drives. Your hard drive is by no means slow, though a 10,000 RPM Raptor or an SSD would probably speed up loading times, it probably wouldn't be worth the cost of the upgrade.

    For online multiplayer, internet connection speed is also a factor, and it's possible that some of the other players simply have a faster connection, allowing them to load a little bit faster.
  2. i recently switched from a single spinpoint f3 to a raid setup of 2 of them and load times havent dropped all that much. the f3 are some of the fastest drives out atm often beating faster rpm drives. mine for instance is easily capable of 240mbps but that doesn't really help when the programmers have introduced delays either intentional or not.
    on bfbc2 if you have an ati card your game would often load much slower due to bad driver optimization/integration i had the fastest system of all my m8's and often i would be the last to join the game often by as much as 10 seconds. complaints were made and ea passed it on to the devs. amd brought out a patch for the drivers as did dice and now i load often with time to spare. usually im the first in with a 10 second countdown..

    having fast drives will help with things like texture pop and other gfx delays but wont really help on loading times as they often have delays in them so certain programs can decompress and be allocated to memory b4 the games start. the faster your cpu in this case can help but not by much.
    if you want 0 loading time its down to clever programmers.
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