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Hi guys,

Not sure where to put this, but I'm trying to figure out audio for my desktop that I'm going to be building in a few days.

I need a wireless headset for voice. I'm going to be sitting 10+ feet away from a TV, and need some way to talk/listen to voice in game. I really want to use my stereo for game audio, but just set all voice chat to go through the mic.

Is there any way I could do this? I have a wireless Xbox 360 headset I could get a PC adapter for, but is there a better way? Is there something obvious I've missed?


EDIT: Don't want to spend too much if that's the solution. Keep it cheap :)
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    you have the solution already. the 360 headset should do what you want.
    wireless mic's on pc aint cheap unless you buy bluetooth. and there pretty pants quality wise.
    just be aware though that not all apps will allow separate audio for chat. especially if your using ingame chat like on bfbc2 or cod. make sure your game audio to the default audio device and then use teamspeak. skype or similar that way you can set a different audio out for the voip chat.
  2. Okay, that's probably what I'll end up doing then.

    So there's no way for me to reroute all voice through the headset? (Cod for example)
    I guess I'll just have to make do.

    Sounds like the next best option would be to just get a wireless gaming headset and use that for all audio.

  3. yes you can rout voip through the headset and it will work well enough.

    but you cant separate it if your using in game voip. the ingame voip will be broadcast over the same default channels as the game audio. so i tend not to use ingame chat.

    you will have to use and external 1 like skype/teamspeak/xfire or steam. that way you can set up chat separately from the game. you get all your friends to jump on skype and chat that way or if you have a server get team speak or ventrillo... you will still be able to chat to people who aint your friends in game but they will reply via the in game audio through your stereo
    what your asking is what you got on xbox live where the game audio was separate from chat you can do similar on pc but you have to run an external app or use GFWlive if the game supports it.

    btw decent wirless headsets for gaming aint cheap. and the cheap 1s aint worth a light.

    get a dongle for your 360 1 and save your money...
  4. Yeah right now it's either get the dongle or just get a good wireless gaming headset.

    It's a shame PC games can't implement the audio systems consoles have. It's great being able to put all voice into a headset and game audio into speakers. I know some games like Starcraft II do, but that's all I know of really.

    Do you know of any good wireless gaming headsets under say $60USD?
  5. the xbox is actualy no different. instead it puts every 1 in a lobby much like teamspeak infact its actually modeled on ventrillo and teamspeak. but you dont see it as you buy the whole package as vbox live.
    on pc we do it for free. so have to set it up ourselves. or we hire a server thn its up to you to join the teamspeak.

    cheap and wireless is an oxymoron the 2 just dont go. and wont work any better than the dongle you already have if you just want it for game chat.

    but if your serious then logitech are a place to start looking.
  6. It would sure be nice if there was some way to implement teamspeak on a large scale for all PC games, but that seems unlikely!

    Yeah, figured as much. I'm just working with the constraints of the room I'm in.

    Might as well just stick with that Xbox 360 headset. Maybe at some point I can get decent headphones with a super long cord...

    Oh well, thanks for the help!
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