Logitech controller with maximum game compatibility for under 35$?

So i have ran into a dilemma. Microsoft has supposedly decided to stop selling wired xbox 360 controllers here in india, wireless are way to expensive for me. So can anyone tell me some good logitech controllers below 1500 rupees(35$) which are compatible with most of the games. Today, i've heard that more than 90% of games supported the xbox controller, so is their any logitech controller that comes close to this? Please help, feeling really bad that i didn't buy them earlier.
Ps please give me names of controllers that are compatible right out of the box and don't need to be configured. Sometimes that doesn't work. I remember i had configured a controller in resident evil 4 only to find out that the axis were messed up. The right joystick refused to work as an analogue and would perform the functions of the action buttons. I do't really wan't that to happen again. Also how's the thrustmaster 3in1
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  1. logitech dual action. but they all suffer the same fate with windows live titles and you will have to hack the driver sooner or later.
    better off just going for a 360 controler as i did.. a lot less hassle.
  2. Is there nowhere in India where you can find a used xbox 360 wired controller? This is what I use for my PC and have never had a problem, as well it would certainly be under your $35 price range.

    I don't live in India, but I would have the assume that there are video game stores or computer stores that you could find a used controller at.
  3. as stated above, original console controllers way better than 3rd party knock offs.
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