Having annoying lag problems while playing games.

I've been having very annoying lag issues for a couple months now. Anytime I am playing a game and something taxing "loads" whether it be casting a large AoE spell in Diablo 2 or loading a new menu after clicking a structure in Starcraft 2, my game freezes for a couple seconds (usually no longer than 3 secs). I'm very confused as my computer should have NO problem playing games as old as Diablo 2... I have an ancient desktop that can play D2 without a hiccup so why is it that my barely 1 year old laptop cannot? I haven't noticed this problem during normal computer usage, like surfing the net or watching videos. I'm using an Acer Aspire 7745g. Here's a link to it's specs http://www.lapspecs.com/wiki/acer+aspire+7745g. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Oh yeah and just wanted to add that this problem persists regardless of graphical settings. D2 will run just as choppy on it's lowest settings as it's highest... uhhg what a bother.
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