Gta 4 ATI 5770 stuttering

I have bad stuttering on Gta 4 pc with my new rig, this doesn't make sense because now i have a better CPU and it stutters bad and i cant even play at high settings anymore. Any help would be greatly aprreciated. (btw i have a legal version)

With my old rig i was getting no stuttering and average 37 fps

New rig i get 12 fps all high same settings, the benchmark says the graphics card is at 100%
Now this might sound stupid but could it possibly be that my graphics card is bottlenecking my CPU?

Also when i downloaded the game onto my new computer i was playing with no updates and was getting 57 average fps all maxed except for view distance at 37, this has me thinking with the new updates they made the game less CPU dependant and more GPU dependent?

New PC Specs: Intel core i5 2500 Proccesor At 3.3Ghz, ati powercolor 5770 1gb, 4gb ram, 500 hdd 7200rpm

Old pc Spec: intel pentium e5500 dual core at 2.8ghz, ati power color 5770 1gb, 4gb ram, 1tb hdd 7200rpm
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  1. the game is very poorly coded on pc, and people get all sort of weird performance issues. this one of the few games you are better off playing on a console if you have one.

    in general, your video card will bottleneck your system because it is the weakest link.
  2. You should be able to run that game on medium to high setting but however it has something to do with your videocard.
  3. update the game. it gets rid of lots of issues and has a lot of performance gains via optimization of the engine.
  4. Well that's just the thing the new update was actually worse for me lol.
  5. Ok i fixed it i just turned off shadows, and now im getting a good frame rate.
  6. the shadows look amazingly crap anyway, so no big loss.
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