Why NFS Undercover shows white screen?

I got a NFS Undercover game it was runing fine(@low setting) in my old laptop having P4 processor(3.2 GHz),1 GB Ram,OS : WINDOWS 7 and gma 950 as a graphics chip but in my newly build system it shows blank white screen after opening nfs.exe(game) even I can hear the game's sound.Is there anyway to remove this problem or patching the game to newest version will fix it?
System SPEC :
Pentium Dual core @ 3.0 GHz,2GB of RAM,GMA x3100 as a graphics chip ,OS: Win7
please do not recommend me to buy another graphics card since gma 950 can play it which means that gma x3100 must do the same or even better than it.
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  1. Try updating your graphics chip
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    your rite it should be better but its still crap for games... ist actually a support problem , the game just doesn't recognize it as a gfx chip so wont display anything. that is the 1 of the biggest problems with IGP's.
    sometimes they will work when there not supported other times they wont. i suggest you get a proper gfx card.
  3. Thanks for advice but writing it should be better means that it must be better than gma 950 and what is gfx card please tell me. :pfff: :pfff: :)
    Can i upgrade my graphics chip to gma 4500
  4. seriously m8 get a gfx card a 96gt would give you all the gaming power you will ever need for that system. and there cheap as chips now.. something like 35 pounds. and because they plug into the motherboard and dont need any external power you wont need to upgrade the psu.
  5. Sorry for asking such a stupid ques.(gma x3100 to x4500) While i was posting that I forgotten that gmax3100 chips are used in g33/31 express chipset and gma x4500 chips are used g41 or g45 express chipset and thanks for the advice to upgrade the current GPU (really GMAs are crappy).
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