Problems with DDR Memory and Asus A7m Mother Board

I have put together a new AMD computer. I use the Asus A7M 266 Board and an AMD 1.2 Athlon. I have a creative geforce 2 gts and a creative soundblaster live x-gamer 5.1. I am getting alot of invalad page faults and I know it is related to the VIA chipset on the board and the sound card. I need any help I can get in getting this problem fixed. I also forgot to say I am using the Samsung pc2100 memory on the board. So any help that I can get will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I doubt that the problem is with the sound card. Did you pull the jumper off the VOI1? Thats how you get the correct voltage for the RAM. Try setting your FSB to 130. Its the only way I can keep mine from locking up. Its been driving me crazy.
  2. Did you solve your problem yet I'm getting ready to build a very similar system and I am checking all those that have had problems.

    If it ain't broke don't fix it
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