MCI driver for Window 7

I tried to run Kaplan gmat cd, but it ask MCI driver. I have no idea of it.
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  1. I assume that this is the Kaplan prep for the gmat test, and when you try to run the video you are having issues, if so download VLC and see if it fixes the problem:
  2. Hi Sabina,

    Did u fix the problem with MCI driver for GMAT? I have the same problem please suggest the solution. Tnx,
  3. I went to the Microsoft website and the tech answering this question "how do I install MCI Driver for Windows 7" said there is no way to install it.

    How much does Windows 7 suck? It sucks bad. Real bad. I have a study book also for the GRE and it will not read the disc. I have had nothing but annoying problems with Windows 7. It is a real turd of a machine compared to my old XP. I am never buying a microsoft product again. They have made a cumbersome poorly designed "upgraded" Windows 7 that is 10 times worse than what I had with XP. You can't drag and drop photos, you can't store files the way you want to, it is all set up to do it automatically in a format you may or may not find useful. I am sick of contorting myself to a poorly designed crap program and am constantly getting confronted with things like this MCI driver. Yesterday and for 2 days before that it was trying to add Yahoo email as my default email. Everything is designed so you have to buy more add ons or spend hours trying to do stuff that was easy to do on other versions. It's horrible. HORRIBLE! Stay away from Windows 7!
  4. Wow! I thought it was just my computer "brand" at first, but after reading everything posted here I agree that Windows 7 SUCKS! I've experienced the same problems posted here.

    1. I got the MCI driver for windows error
    2. The way files are stored is out of my control, unless I store them in a location I DO NOT PREFER
    3. There are privacy issues
    4. browser always doing funky things that I don't like, such as changing the default setup of some crap
    5. Constantly kicking me offline to install updates..i'm all for the updates but why kick me off line. I had to disable some of the updates and postpone others to perform weekly in order to browse the internet in peace
    6. God knows what else, because I'm not even a fully aware of all the poorly designed features.

    My only question is WHO GOT FIRED OR LEFT THE COMPANY? Apparently the idiot who took over HAS NO FREAKING CLUE what consumers want or need. I'm thinking about downgrading to a lower version of Windows or switching to a Mac system. I shouldn't have to go back to college to learn how to use the updated version of a system in which I am already familiar.

  5. Welcome to Tom's Hardware!
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