Duke nukem forever

I want to play D.N.f. I must replace the video
card. I've read the geforce gtx560 ti is the
way to go. Will any other video card work just
as well and cost less?
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  1. the 1 gig 460 or any card around that from ati. my 5870 handles the demo well enough with a solid fps...
    frankly i dont think the game is that good going by the demo i played. certainly not worth shelling out a good wad of cash like that.
    the only time i laughed was when he was asked if the game was any good. he reply's yeah, it better be after 12 F'n years.
  2. gtx 465 hands down. It is an amazing card for the price. i use this one in my gaming rig.

  3. 465 isnt a bad card and you can get it now for under £100 if new egg export but its not a huge jump over the 460 and the 460 oc's better, as it runs cooler on less watts.
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