I need help to find a game I have lost

Some time ago I had purchased a game called 007 nightfire special edition. It was my favorite. I still have disc 2 but disc one is gone. I don't no what happened to it but I have not had it in over a year. I have gone to various second had outlets and checked the internet without any luck. Is there any way of finding this game. I bought Quantum of Solace but it isn't as good as Nightfire. I would be very appreciate of any help you can give me. I live in Canada and am willing to pay for it. Thank you in advance. Ginger
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  1. You could visit your local shops, place an ad in the local paper or just keep checking eBay/Amazon. Best I can think of really :/
  2. Scratch this link - Link below is better.
  3. skaz said:

    Hi , Thank you for your prompt answer. I did look at E Bay and have to admit I was a bit leary . It must be okay then. I was a little concerned about the game as I found on th net someone had trouble with the game playing it on Vista. When I had the game I had an XP and have since bought a Windows 7. I then looked into a free download but again I am a bit of a coward to go into this kind of area. I want to thank you once again for your time . Ginger
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