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I've been a semi-retired gamer for awhile now, mostly Starcraft 1/2 and turn based strategy games like EU2. FPS games historically have made me dizzy, but perhaps my HD 5770 @ 1920x1200 will fix that. I haven't tried Crysis yet but probably will soon.

My question is, what out there is worth playing?

Requirements are excellent game play OR knock your socks off graphics, since I haven't really experienced what that means. Something strategic where I have to think ahead is better than simple reaction speed.

Another requirement is no active DRM installed as I need the computer in top running shape when I'm not gaming.

Finally, other than here, where should I be looking to do my own research on current PC games?

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  1. Crysis (original) for the graphics (though don't expect the best FPS, as the game is somewhat poorly coded.)

    Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 both have amazing gameplay and fairly good graphics :)

    Left for Dead 2's a blast. Simple, mindless fun. Quite strong graphics as well.

    Oblivion is one of the king's of gameplay if you're into fantasy RPG. It's one of the largest, most deep and most satisfying RPGs of the last few years. It has massive scale (you can play for hundreds of hours without seeing everything) loads of depth (different NPC guilds that you can join each with their own quest lines, almost 150 dungeons you can explore with secret items/areas/quests, a long main story arc and loads of random quests dotted everywhere.) If fantasy is your thing, or you would like to try the genre, Oblivion is a massive timesink and excellent example :) it also has an excellent modding community, so you can keep adding to/changing the game :)
  2. you'll need to research the game for the no DRM, but most games now go through Steam which is the best DRM type software and doesn't take much space. Plus steam has incredible sales from time to time, I bought Crysis 1 and Crysis Warhead for $8.00 (Steampowered.com).

    Crysis Series, FarCry 2, COD Series.
    There are many websites that give ratings and comments on games, Gamespot.com, Shacknews, Gametrailers etc...

    +1 for L4D2....mindless zombie killing fun....just remember that friendly fire is always on.
  3. Good Old Games offers DRM free games. Also, Steam Games are all DRM and disc free. You buy it and can download it anywhere as many times as you want for life.
    PC Gamer is my go to source for hardware and games reviews.

  4. Depending on what you already have, the orange box is still a classic after all these years!
  5. agrees wil mi1ez orange box is a must have.
    oblivion is a classic but takes for ever to play.
    napoleon total war.
    dawn of war is an ok franchise along the lines of starcraft in that its an isometric rts.
    for mindless bloody fun theres bulletstorm, looks great and was the most fun i had playing a shooter since cod 4.
    speaking of which. cod4 is still worthy.
    comand and conquer 3 is a good rts.
    dead rising, not every 1s cup of tea but is mindless bloody fun with a sense of the funny.
    red faction guerrilla is a good sandbox title.
    stalker series. good gfx and game play... best of playing them in revers order though.
    fallout 3 and new vegas.. although i preferred 3
    i could go on. but theres quite a few hours of gaming there already...
  6. Crysis 2 has the graphics, and the gameplay is decent enough to go for.
  7. I highly recommend Bioshock 1 or rather, would you kindly play Bioshock 1? For an FPS, it has a really good story. It makes you think. Bioshock 2 is also recommended.
  8. highly highly recommend the mass effect series as well as the orange box as the other member said. as far as bioshock series, I played both and really couldnt get into it, but it might be for you.
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