What is My bottleneck?

Recently started making basically triple what I made at my old job. So figured I'd splurge and upgrade my gaming pc :) Just curious if I have an obvious bottleneck or if most of my parts are relatively equal. (If that's the case might just wait another yearish and just upgrade everything in one giant expensive fell swoop.

Windows 7
CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 630 2.8ghz
Ram: 8gb ddr3
Motherboard: GA-MA770T-UD3P
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 9800 Gtx+ (If I upgrade I prefer Nvidia just because when I built this pc I went through three different amd/ati cards and couldn't get them to work even with updated drivers etc but the first Nvidia card worked super quickly)
Monitor 1920X1080
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  1. if you got the ca$h upgrade your video card., or save your money for next year and get an elite system
  2. ^yep.
  3. for single threaded apps its quite a balanced system. there should be no bottlenecks.
    the limiting factor may be you have a 1080p screen on a card that only supports 1080i natively and has to use a inbuilt driver hack to get 1080p. but thats not a bottleneck its a physical limitation.
    if anything i would recommend some cooling. and bump your core by 200-300mhz not for any particular reason. just because you can.
  4. Video card for sure, a 9800 GTX is several generations old and doesn't support DX11. upgrading to a mid level modern GPU like the 560Ti or HD6870 would improve your gaming performance quite a bit. Much more eye candy.
  5. How about putting a nice SSD in there, and upgrading your Gfx. Agree with ghostmagic, if you want nVidia, go for a 560Ti.
  6. your system should be able to perform ok for now, i would wait for all the 28nm tech to come out then splurge away
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