I have been reading with great interest the questions and responses IRT the subject MB. If I read between the lines correctly, most of the smart people would vote favorably for the A7M266 with a 1.2GHz "T" Bird as long as overclocking was not planned. Is my assumption CORRECT? I know there are other motherboards with a 266 FSB that folks would choose when they plan OCing in their future but the A7M reviews as being pretty stable. All comments / suggestions welcomed and appreciated. I would rather profit from your wisdom than make a $165.00 mistake because I was too proud to ask a question.
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  1. I personally have not OC'd my A7M266 but from what I've read from the others they have had great success OCing their A7M266 based systems.
    Some of them are running the FSB at 150mhz stable. Not bad!

    It seems that the memory choice has been a "crucial" (hehe) factor though.
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