Hey all, I'm trying to connect my new Xbox 360 (the new smaller version with built-in wi-fi) to my PC set-up, and take advantage of my LCD monitor and PC speakers. I would like to connect via an HDMI to get the best resolution possible, but how can i do this and get sound to my PC speakers? On the back of my Xbox 360 it won't let you plug both the HDMI cable and the Xbox connector (with the RCA connections) in at the same time. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers!
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  1. Microsoft makes a VGA cord for that and it gives you the resolution of using an HDMI while letting you use the RCA connection.
  2. I bought a cheap adapter on amazon for the audio, but causes the xbox to reboot everytime you switch inputs. I use HDMI for video and it works okay. I also had to buy a female 3.5mm to female rca adapter so I could work the sound from my speakers. It's not a bad idea to buy like a 6ft 3.5mm female to male extension so it is easy to swap back and forth between your pc and xbox. There is a way to pop the casing of the cabling that came with your xbox to use the original adapter. I haven't tried it but I heard that it works.
  3. 1. if your monitor doesn't have audio out you will need to look for alternative connection type or extra cables that you need to purchase

    2. There are adapters that split xbox output port into hdmi/dvi and audio jacks.
    3. use a VGA + audio leads to connect to monitor + speakers.

    I think most of this was already mentioned in this thread.
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