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My buddy just got an Asus 133A (K7A?) and after install teh cam, scanner and printer he has a mass storage driver missing. Can't seem to find where to get it from? He's using SBLive (uh oh and tried 4.31's), Hollywood card (which doesn't work, just gives strange sounds w/ any files) and I beleive an old Diamond Viper.

Any help?!!!

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  1. you can get the promise 100 controller drivers from the asus website....
  2. would it be the "pci mass storage controller"? that is the promise100 drivers. just download the latest and then update the drivers and point the wizard to the files that you saved.

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  3. (more detailed)
    Go to "System Properties" (Windows Key + Pause/Break). Then, Device Manager. Right click the PCI Mass Storage Controller, then "Reinstall Driver". Point to that Promise Ultra100 download. Actually, unzip that to a temporary folder (desktop perhaps). Then, reinstall that driver from that folder (C:\Windows\Desktop\temp\Win95-98) you just made to your desktop. (I'm assuming you're using Win98). Restart your computer, even if it doesn't prompt you to, and you're ready to go...

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  4. Thanks man I forgot he had a RAID board.

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