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I have a KT7 Raid motherboard, 1.1 ghz athlon, 512 megs mushkin 133(cas2) memory, soundblaster live, and a GE force 2 MX AGP card. I have had a rough time with this system ever since I bought it. Sometimes it will take a few times of powering up and down for it to boot through to windows, it will always POST, but sometimes will freeze before hitting windows. Also, when I play 3D games, I can often play for about 30 mins to an hour or maybe more sometimes, but then it will freeze forcing me to hit the power strip and turn the computer back on to boot back up. Other times when I shut down it will freeze on the "windows is now shutting down" screen. I am so tired of the system freezing arbitrarily... If anybody could give me any leads as to a solultion I will be your best friend, except for the fact that I will only say thanks a lot, but you can pretend that I am your best friend... Thanks in advance, and ask if you need aditional information.
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  1. From your post there isn't a lot that someone can do to help. You should provide more information on your system spec's, both hardware and software.

    I suggest you provide the following:

    1) OS
    2) Bios
    3) Hard drive, memory type and manufacturer..etc.
    4) Drivers (version of direct x should also be named)
    5) Any other helpful information you think would help anyone. For example you should mention any components that you may overclocked.

    Good luck.
  2. Do you have hard drives attached to both IDE3 and IDE4 (the highpoint controller)?

    It's always the one thing you never suspected.
  3. Ok, I wasn't thinking very clearly last night when I gave you all the spec's.
    Abit KT7-Raid
    Athlon 1.1 ghz
    Mushkin 512 megs PC133 cas2 ram
    2 hard drives, both connected to the first IDE slot
    A CDRW and a DVD player, both connected tp the second IDE slot.
    GE Force2 MX AGP
    SoundBlaster Live card, given its own unique IRQ of 7 because this was a cause of it never booting into windows which was fixed.
    Award Bios 6.0
    Windows 98 SE
    Usually the temperature of the athlon gets as high as 52 degrees celcius at full loads, but I don't see this being a big problem as it is rated at 95-100 degrees easily.
    I have a 300 Watt athlon approved power supply.
    I also have a 10/100 network card

    I think that is about it, ask more if you need more information
  4. irq conflicts, update all drivers especially via 4 in 1, hot processor and power surges are you best bets to check
  5. i have had systems that exhibited similar symptoms... would get to the windows logo screen which is in vga mode, then would hang or lock up after that, when having to go into the desktop vid selection... sometimes would make it through and lock up while loading web pages etc.... for my situations it was bad video ram. just a shot in the dark, but you might just want to swap out your vid card and see how it works.... just a thought.
  6. I have an Abit KT7-RAID, SBlive!, GForce2 MX. Rock solid, never crashes.

    First, make sure your SBlive! card is in PCI slot 4. Check your 4 in 1 drivers. I had lockups in 3D games until I installed version 4.26. The latest version is 4.31, but my system is solid, so I am not "fixing what's not broke".

    Make sure your problem is not BIOS related. Use the "FAIL-SAFE" settings and see if the system becomes stable. Once stable, start tweaking the BIOS for performance.

    If still unstable, remove the NIC card. This way you can at least eliminate it as the cause.

    Then remove both the CDROM and DVD. Perhaps your power supply is marginal and the extra load is dragging it down.

    If you still have intermittent problems, check the memory. If you have two 256M sticks, remove one. If still unstable, replace it with the other.

    Now you are down to the power supply and motherboard. Try the supply first, it is easier to replace.

    52c is not unreasonable at full load. My TBird 900 will reach at stablize at 50c during intense gaming.

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