A7V133A vs KT7A ---> 1.2 T-Bird

Ok. After reading just about every post there is in the mobo-posts, I am truly getting VERY confused.
I'm the "lucky"?? owner of A7V133A and an 1.2 266 T-Bird, but recently I ordered same cpu but with KT7A mobo for one of my friends. How is that combination compared to mine? Better, worse or SUCKS A$$???
Howcome the KT7A is not listed in the "AMD Athlon™ Processor
Recommended Motherboards" at http://www1.amd.com/athlon/mbl/index/1,1503,,00.html ?? - when I know for a fact that another friend of mine is using this setup?
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  1. The Abit boards USED to be on the AMD aproved list, I have no clue as to why they have been removed, runours have it it is because of their overclockability- but from what I hear the asus boards are just as good to o/c

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  2. Hmmmmkaaay... But which board (A7V133A or KT7A) would perform best with my T-Bird 1.2???
  3. Go ASUS !!

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  4. Probably about the same. The KT7A is known for overclocking ability, but is also a very stable board as well. For pure performance, the Asus usually has a slight lead in benchmarks, but nothing you would actually notice during use. One nice thing about the KT7A is that it has an ISA slot for people who still have an ISA modem or whatever they would like to keep using.

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