Enermax Whisper 350 WATT PS

Regarding the Enermax Whisper 350 WATT PS, would this be enough for an overclocked 1.2 TBird 266 and a few PCI cards, floppy, HDD, DVD rom and CDR???

Can someone tell me if they have this Power supply and might know if it's god enough.

I had a 300 WATT PS and it blew!!!

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  1. I have a Enermax 431W Whisper. It's a great PS: very long power leads, dual fans, super quiet. I bought the 431W for future upgrades since it wasn't much more than the 350W. 350W should be enough for what you want.
  2. Thanks Yoda :) I'll just order that now then.

    Beer is the devil's piss.
  3. Agree. 350w should be fine for your system; you've picked one nice PSU there!

    Please visit <b><A HREF="http://www.ncix.com/shop/index.cfm?affiliateid=319048" target="_new">http://www.ncix.com/shop/index.cfm?affiliateid=319048</A></b>
  4. wow, dont know how it blew!! im running (and know other people that are) a 300W, have 1 gig @ 1350, gforce 2, lan card, 2 scsi cards (one of them is a crappy isa thing for my old scanner), modem, soundcard, cd reader and a writer, and 3 hdd's, and 4 fans, is running just fine, I WOULD have got a 350 but ran out of money lol. Maybe you just got unlucky, but since you are forced to get a new one, may as well go for the 350- it should be plenty.

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