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Does anybody know if the ASUS A7V266 can support a CD-Rom, DVD, CDRW and the Live Drive for the SB Plat. soound card?

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  1. I would have been very surprised if it didn't. I'm yet to see a motherboard that didn't, even.


    P.S. But has A7V266 even been released yet?
  2. Is the board out already?
  3. I've seen the board for sale on a few websites.. but I called the techs at Alienware about the board and he said the only way to use all those IDE drives i would have to install a RAID controller card for my 2 HD's and that would free up the Motherboard to handle the rest...but do not like the RAID setup !!!
    Thanks for responses ...
  4. >i would have to install a RAID controller card for my 2 HD's

    Thats totally bogus. You can just install a regular IDE controller. It doesn't have to be RAID.

    The things some people say!!!

    It's always the one thing you never suspected.
  5. Except that if I'm counting right, that's 4 drives total not including the hard drive(s). Or isn't the "Live Drive" a real IDE device? Anyway, you'll get 2 devices on each IDE channel, so you'll need another controller for the 5th device. You don't have to use RAID, in fact you can't use it unless you have multiple hard drives. The A7V133 comes with another IDE controller (made by Promise) built into the board. It's sometimes called the RAID controller because it's capable of RAID, but there is a jumper that you can change to use it for just regular IDE, and it gives you either 2 more devices or 4 more devices. I have not seen the A7V266 but I would be willing to bet it still has the Promise controller, just like the earlier A7V133 and the A7V.
  6. Oh, you mean all of those devices at the same time? You might need to get an additional IDE controller, then. But why do you need both a CD-ROM drive *and* a DVD-ROM drive? All DVD-ROM drives are also good CD-ROM drives.

  7. Yeah, I usually go with a CD-ROM/DVD and a CD Burner for my Optical Drives. Where is the A7V266 being sold? Thanks
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