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I have a KT7A-Raid motherboard with a 1.333GHz Athlon. The bios is not recognizing my cpu true speed (instead it thinks that the cpu is a 1 GHz) When trying to set it up, the 1.333 configuration is not there. I believe this MB supports the 266MHz FSB. What are the correct settings for my system?
CPU Operating Speed: User Define (1.333) ?
Multiplier factor: ?
CPU FSB/PCI Clock: ?
CPU FSB Plus (CPU): ?

Thank you in advance!
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  1. There is a bios update to fix that problem I believe, however you can set the settings manually: multiplier 10x fsb 133/33 for starters, will probably go higher, if you have problems at 133/33 you may need to set a higher multiplier and lower fsb (if you memery is up to it then 133 should be no problem at all), I have a 1 gig on the same board running 12.5 x 108- My memory is the problem. I'm at work now and have very limited 'net access so cant post many links, but www.viahardware.com is a very good site.

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