ASUS A7A-266 or A7M 266

I plan to buy a Tbird 1.33 with 256 mo DDR and was wondering what MOBO you guys suggest betweeen the 2. My computer will mostly be used for programming and gaming. I dont plan to overclock. I mainly want stability over performance. But i dont want a slomo mobo. Maybe there is another one i dont know about. I plan to buy the computer in early june.

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  1. Good luck finding the asus a7m266, the best AMD 761 based board. I've been trying for a week and no luck. Supposible their is a national shortage of them. I got an estimate of 6-8 weeks. I went ahead and got a sdr ram board (Asus A7V133) to hold my new system over until either the a7m is more readily availible, or the VIA (among others) based DDR chip set has matured and have killed some of thier bugs.

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  2. But if i can get my hands on a A7M266 its better than a A7A-266???
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