Nintendo 3DS (Is it worth it?)

About five months ago, I had bought a new game for my Nintendo DS Lite. The problem was, it wasn't where I had left it. We tore the house apart looking for it and all this time later, still have not found it. I know somebody who probably stole it, but never mind that...

I was going to get a new DS, and since the 3DS is probably the newest one, I was thinking of getting it. The only thing is, I'm wondering if it's really worth it. Some games are awesome in 3D, but others are just not meant for it. I read in my GameInformer some good reviews, and some not-so-good reviews.

Should I, or should I not get it?
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  1. If you're going to buy another DS of some sort, go for the 3DS. Nintendo will probably stop supporting the previous models soon, and it's always best to futureproof.

    That said, if you want better battery life, a DSLite is probably your best bet.
  2. I was thinking of getting it as well.

    But the thing that made me not buy one was some reviews stating:

    The 3D engine does not give popping out animations/images (which I wanted and thought would be cool), but give more depth into the screen.

    If you got some money to spare, I will say get a 3DS as it is only going to get better once companies figure out how to utilize it for better 3D effects.

    Another DS Lite, would not be bad either, as it can save you a lot of money if you use Craigslist or eBay for a working one. There is always someone in my area trying to sell one on Craigslist.

    Plus, as the poster above me said, Nintendo is going to phase out he older DSs (DS lite, DSi, XL), to kind of force people to buy a 3DS sooner or later.

    My final option, would be to look into the New PSP that is coming out. Of course you will not get the exclusive Nintendo games that everyone loves. And I am not sure if it is going to be 3D or not.
  3. I wouldn't get it. If you have to get it then wait a lil while for price drop and more games to come out... or wait to get the ps vita
  4. I wouldn't recommend 3ds either. I don't know about you but I wasn't impressed by the 3ds when I went to look at it in the store. Honestly, I didn't see any bloody difference. (I mean I didn't have 3ds and regular ds side by side running the same exact game, then I think the difference would be more obvious) but just from looking at how it looks and remember what the games look on my DSlite, I honestly don't see what all the hype is about.

    my advice - not worth it.
  5. i'd rather wait for sony's new ngp.
  6. I have with me my Nintendo 3DS and I'm really having all the fun and excitement that I've always wanted.
  7. I have an old DS (the fat one) that the touch screen has stopped working on. I am in a similar situation as I am unsure whether to get a DSLite, a DSi or a 3DS. The DS Lites and DSi's I have seen are around $100-$120, while the 3DS is $250. I am not sure if the extra $100 is worth it. Right now just to be able to play the games I own I cannot see spending the extra money, but I know I will kick myself if in 6-12 months when the 3DS has a larger library and some game comes out I really want, but would have to drop another $250 to play. Right now I really can't justify the 3DS, as there is no game I feel is a must have, so the DSi is looking like the best option, and if that killer app comes out, I will just hope I am in a better financial situation to procure it.

    Plus the money saved over getting the 3DS could replace my Gamecube that got stolen, I have been wanting to play through the Resident Evil series again.
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