Looking to stream Starcraft 2 on JTV with xsplit

Here are the specs we're working with. Wondering if it is enough to stream and game with.

CPU: i3 2100
GPU: ATI HD 5770
RAM: 8 gigs

Internet speed looks something like this

Down - about 10 - 12 mbs
Up - 4-6 mb

I've been looking around everywhere for clear cut specifics on what is basically required to stream a modern day pc game but none are to be found.
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  1. One sec, I'll ask VTPokebunny

    He has 5mb upload.
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    to host a moddern game you have to be able to upload 8KB per second per player.
    thats the upper size of a data packet for modern games. so 1 mb is 128KB so share that by 8KB and you have 16 players per mb 4x 16 will enable you to host 64 players so 4-6 mb up speed is enough to run a full size 64 player server on most games.
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  4. after going for a test run, you are indeed correct sir! I guess I should've been more worried about the internet upload speed rather than the system specs. Runs perfectly fine with 1280 x 720 output resolution and 30 frames.
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