Looking for motherboards with ISA slots or Good BI

I have a dos product that requires multiple serial ports (3-4). I'm looking for new reliable mother boards that have some ISA slots. Now most boards have all PCI. DOS apps have problems sharing IRQ's on the com ports. Does anybody know of anything like this ? Has anybody else run into this problem or have a suggestion ? Do you know of any boards that have good, customizable BIOS ? Some you can assign certain IRQ's to slots, etc. I heard Tom's Hardware has all the experts ;)

Thank You
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  1. the abit kt7 has a very customizable bios and one isa slot....what kind of system are you looking for, MAD or Intel?
  2. looking for intel type supporting PIII
  3. You could utilize EBay and get the Asus P2bf, 2 ISA. It would not be new but if that's not essential an option you may consider. It will take Coppermine/100mhz at 1GHZ, slotket and CPU or cartridge.

    I just bought a second P2bf to build up a PC for my better half- the wife. My first P2bf is a retail purchase and it is very good.

    I want a big American automobile with tail fins!
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