Motherboard gurus needed Compatibility Test

Hi all. Isn't this place great.

I am about to make a big purchase.

I am looking to get either an abit kt7a raid or an asus a7a266 ali w/no sound. Both boards support 266mhz fsb. I am looking to get an amd 1.2ghz 266 fsb. I am going to use pc133 sdram for now.(if i get the asus). And mayber a 64mb ddr ram vid card.

Does anyone see any problems with the above mentioned items? Of course if anyone has any suggestions fire away.

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  1. no problems though, get memory from decent manufacturers.

    <font color=blue>die-hard fans don't have heat-sinks!</font color=blue>
  2. Oops. I already have memory. I think it's Kingston. I know, I know. No name brand. It seems to work rather well though. Of course putting it into an updated board running at top speed might prove to show different results.

    We'll see and thanks very much for the reply.
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