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I'm looking for a good gaming headset, with a really good mic, when i say really good mic I mean, one that I don't get static while recording audio, and don't have to boost for people to hear me, thanks
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  1. What is your budget? I've been a fan of logitech headsets and corsair came out with a good one as well.

    Corsair HS1 USB Connector Circumaural Headset $95 (25MIR)

    Logitech G930 $107

    Logitech G35 $100

    Logitech H530 $50

    I personally own the G930 and love it. Very comfortable, it's wireless with a 10+hour battery life, still works when recharging, has the programmable buttons on left ear for music/video/ventrillo/etc, and voice modifiers for kicks. My wife and I share a computer room and when we both had our computers competing for noise I found these to be a welcomed relief to our gaming situation.
  2. I'm liking the look of the G930 over all of those, how would you say audio(mic) recording is? have you had to boost the mic in windows sound panel at all?
  3. It comes with its own software and has settings for mic. I haven't done any audio recording but from vent I come in loud and clear and have the mic set fairly low on the bar.
  4. this might be much to ask but could you record like 10 seconds of audio? :)
  5. I own a SteelSeries Siberia "version 2" which I really like. Super comfy to wear, great "virtual surround sound", retractable mic that is sturdy and they look cool. Go for the version with the mini soundcard if you want to use the virtual surround.

    Logitech headsets are highly rated too, although I've never had the pleasure of trying them.
  6. I have the logitech g35 and have had some issues with it on and off, most of them seem to be fine now...also its not the sturdiest headset.
    I still like it, but it wasnt worth the cash.
  7. i have the G930 and im mostly happy with it. the only issue i have is my pc is on 16 hours a day most days. and the battery life is only 10 hours. so i often have to switch to my wired backup.
  8. Can you get the Roccat Kave in the US?
  9. any other suggestions? or should i stick with my headset but get a desktop mic?
  10. archey said:
    any other suggestions? or should i stick with my headset but get a desktop mic?

    Check Sennheiser's PC 333D and PC 360 both headphones are simply best and they are from sennheiser so sound quality is unbeatable.I have PC333D.Its a complete headphone,dolby certified and comes with a Engaged which is superb for 3D sound in gaming.
    Yes both are gaming headphones of budget $250-300.
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