PS2 to PC adapter. Looking for Controller management software

Hi guys, I've got a PS2 to PC adapter that I use to play games using my PS2 controller. It's working fine and everything, only problem is that it shows up as "Button1", "Button2" etc in game and it's very confusing. Does anyone know of a program that I can use to change those to "X" or "O" etc?

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  1. there isnt 1 sorry...
    there are apps like xpadder but the sony buttons are copyrighted so no 1 can use them symbols apart from sony.
  2. Hi there! I'm playing Street fighter IV on my PC with a PS2 controller (via adapter)... there is a problem tought... I can't modify the "Esc" button to be the start button on my controller, so whenever I need to pause I have to go to my computer and press the esc button (I'm playing on TV, so much can happen in the game during the "pause operation" =P)

    Now I wonder if there is some software that could read my PS2 controllers buttons and press keyboard buttons for me. In that way i could fool the game and bind my Start button to the Esc-button
  3. try xpadder there is a free version. the latest version is payed but earlier 1s are shareware so free and they work just as well.
  4. actually u can fix that

    if ur on windows go into USB controllers and calibrate ur controller it will tell u what button is which one

    and anyway why does it matter :D

    just go into your game and pick what button feels right for the action

    for example call of duty 5 i have the buttons set up exactly liek they are in the PS3/PS2 version
  5. I've just bought the converter recently but there are games(many) not recognising the ps2 pad being existent like black ops,cod3,advanced recon?
    Please help.
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