Weird gaming glitches


My system:
2 gigs of RAM 800Mhz
Athlon X2 5600 2 core @ 2.8 GHz
BFG 9800GT factory overclocked
Asus M2a-vm hdmi motherboard
Windows 7 professional 64 bit, genuine

Up to yesterday I had no problems with my games.
today, I start playing Serious Sam: The second encounter.

It lags! It doesn't make sense, the game is so old it shouldn't on anything. It's not a severe lag, just some frame that are missing. There is no smoothness. since the game offers a huge amount of graphic customization, i thought maybe I had changed the settings in some way that doesn't fit with recent video cards and I put the graphic setting to the preset "speed". (even if I had been working fine for weeks)
that changed nothing. So I think virus. I scan my computer with nod32. it find 8 problems, fixes them all. I try serious sam again. Same thing....
I turn fraps on. And it tells me I have a FPS of 170 to 90 in a "calm place" even if movement is still choppy. When there are monsters the FPS goes down to about 40... but the choppiness is always the same.

I suspect a problem with my graphic card so I tried Bulletstorm, a much more recent and demanding game. It works perfectly!...
I try Painkiller: Battle out of hell. It's barely playable it's so fast! There no lag what so ever. Everything is 3 time faster. And there is no turbo mode or anything to explain that.

I download the newest graphic drivers. Mine were a couple month old. And there is no change!

I don't know where to look for the problem.
please help me.
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  1. Why don't you try to restore your system to the date when your system was working fine!!!
  2. There are none available. They all date from when I installed/uninstalled Serious Sam so I was screwed.
    But I formatted my computer ad re installed everything.
    thanks anyways.
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